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The project

The Andrés de Poza web portal is a Project of the Seminario Alfonso Irigoien (Universidad de Deusto), which is part of LinguaMedia, a research team officially recognized by the Basque Government. It consists in the creation of a website specialized in the digital edition of texts with multiple versions. These texts, belong to two main categories: literary texts translating to different European languages, and notarial texts -especially, texts produced in the Basque Country- with a diachronical transmission.

Bearing these objectives in mind, the project approaches two main trends of the field: the preservation and recovery of document heritage and the compilation of digital text corpora, that will help understand European interculturality through a better reception of literary texts, the study of translation, and its relation with language and culture teaching.

Andrés de Poza, the man who gives its name to the portal, was precisely an example of this conection between the recovery of the cultural heritage and an open view to linguistic and cultural diversity, an attitude that he showed in all his works as well as in his own biography.

The design and development of this website are possible thanks to the funds of the Department of Education, Universities and Research of the Basque Government, for the Proyecto Andrés de Poza, “Metodología para la edición de textos con versiones múltiples”, ref. UH07/23 and the Proyecto TexHis, “Textos para la historia cultural europea: corpus digital de versiones múltiples”, ref. HU2010/41.